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Tulle Pom Poms

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These tulle pom poms are party perfect in voluminous layers of fluffy tulle. They’re easy to put together in advance, but quick enough for creating bunches as last minute party décor. String them together on a garland for a decorative party or bedroom accent, or, glue them on the ends of wood dowels for an enchanting magic wand party favor.

What You’ll Need:

  • Classic Tulle Roll (each 25 yard roll makes approximately 4-6 tulle Pom Poms)
  • Scissors
  • Scrap cardboard, approximately 6” x 4”

Step 1: Wrap the tulle around the cardboard approximately 15-20 times, keeping the tulle relatively taut as you go.

Step 2: Cut an approximate 6” length of tulle and pass it under the layers, as shown.

Step 3: Pull the layers off the cardboard, keeping the 6” section of tulle centered as you work.

Step 4: tie the tulle securetly in the center and knot it as shown.

Step 5: The tulle bundle will now look like a puffy bow.

Step 6: Use scissors to snip through the looped ends of the “bow” on either side of the center.

Step 7: Fluff the tulle pom by hand until the desired fullness is achieved.

Step 8: Trim the edges of the pom pom to remove any long pieces, and ensure a nice, round shape.

The finished pom poms can be displayed in piles on tables, and are equally pretty in decorative glass bowls and jars, or strung together on a garland. Try mixing colors for a unique look that’s all your own! Expo International offers a vast array of colors of tulle, as well as glittered and even patterned varieties. Try varying the size for making cupcake toppers, gift wrapping embellishments, and even wearable art. Happy pom pom making, and until next time, remember to celebrate everything! 

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