Behind the Scenes at Expo

Behind the Scenes at Expo

Posted by Expo Trims on May 23rd 2019

Last month, I had the incredible opportunity to spend a week at the headquarters of Expo International in Houston, Texas. (We're working on some fun and exciting updates that will translate into better selection and shopping experience for our valued customers!)

While I was there, of course I couldn't resist taking a look around the warehouse. I grabbed a few photos to share on social media, because I couldn't explain in mere words what an incredible operation this is!

The inventory is housed in a climate controlled warehouse, organized meticulously. Alicia oversees the inventory and she's quite a whiz! She's also a big fan of the sparkly, blingy rhinestone trims, so we got along famously.

Everyone was hard at work but had a ready smile and a moment to chat with me about what they do at Expo.

I also had a chance to grab a few samples to design with upon my return to California. Talk about a kid in a candy store! Expo carries tens of thousands of sku's! From feathers to pom poms to beaded and tassel trims, my day in the warehouse was pure magic.

Hope you've enjoyed this peek behind the scenes at Expo! Stay tuned for exciting things coming to the shop in the coming weeks and months.