Flower Garden Apron

Flower Garden Apron

Posted by Expo Trims on May 22nd 2019

Bring the blooms into the kitchen with an inspired fresh bright flower garden apron! I love to bake and craft with my grandlittle girls. Being a grandmother is just the best! I enjoy every minute with them and what we make most is memories. Since the girls like to wear matching outfits, matching aprons was their request of course.

Inspired by my new floral oven mitts and rug, I bought a floral table runner and tablecloth to make the aprons. Bonus, as the edges are already finished! This cuts down on sewing prep time. I am all for finding the easiest quickest methods! Some pretty trims, scissors and fabric glue finished off the aprons. This is a minimum sewing project, (or NO Sew project if you use Fabri-tac which dries clear, is flexible and washable!)


You will also need:

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Pins
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Sewing machine
  • Coordinating thread or quilting thread and needle


Measure your apron wearer, (based on a four year old), I cut a bodice 9” square, 5” square for pocket (optional), 16” length of stretch trim and a skirt 18” by 36”. Around the waist was a 20” measurement, cut that from the Stitched Trio Diamond Trim. It comes in such yummy colors!


Hem three sides of skirt. Gather top of skirt to 16”. Hem three sides of bodice and pocket. Glue trim along top of bodice. Center bodice to gathered skirt. Center Diamond Trim waistband and pin in place over bodice and gathered skirt. Topstitch in place.


Measure around neck and cut stretch trim to fit, this makes the softest band around the neck and comes off and on easily over the head. Sew ends in place on back of bodice. Glue pompom trim to top of bodice.

Cut two 24” lengths of ribbon and pin to folded ends of waistband trim. Sew securely in place. Glue trim to top of pocket. Pin and sew or glue in place on apron. Glue or sew pom pom trim along bottom of apron 3” up from hem line.

There is just something about pom pom trim, it is just a happy trim! The girls love the way it bounces when they are walking, hopping or skipping while waiting (not so) patiently for the baking to begin!

As you can see my grandlittle girls love their aprons and are very serious bakers! We made brownies with vanilla frosting and LOTS of sprinkles.

The kitchen spring redo just kept growing kind of like a garden does, I used a table runner to make an easy peasy valance and added my favorite collection of dishes. Every time I walk into the kitchen it makes me smile!

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