AG Doll Valentine’s Decor

Feb 13th 2019

Hooray for Valentine’s week! We are sharing another pretty trim collection and a peek inside my grandlittle girl’s AG 18” doll house. Grace is along to give the tour and show us her sewing and crafting room. She diy’s a super sweet apron and makes a pillow, chair cover. Grace finishes up in the kitchen baking Valentine treats as a surprise!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: 1-2 Hours

You will need:
1 yard each of White, Teal Lorlana Baby Pom pom Trim IR8115WH
Applique Bow SM32511
Silver Heart Trim IR8216
1 yard of Ruffled Lace IR8226WH
1 yard of Red Ric Rac” x 12” craft cut of Kunin Felt Polka Dot Co-ordinates: 1 Lagoon, 1 Red, 1 Candy Pink
Fabri-tac Adhesive by Beacon (dries clear, is flexible and washable)
1 yard of narrow teal ribbon
Scissors, pencil, measuring tape, ruler, pins or clips.

  • 1.To make the apron. (I used an apron the doll had in her wardrobe as a pattern.) You can also find a pattern here: Cut one apron from felt color of choice. Cut a pocket from contrast.
  • 2.Measure width of apron. Cut ruffled lace trim 1” longer. Glue trim along bottom leaving ½” on either end. Trim ends off to edge. TIP: Add a thin edge of glue along raw edges of trims, this will keep edges from fraying.
  • 3.Glue ric rac above lace. TIP: Use a pencil and ruler to lightly mark a line. When gluing a length of trim, do a small section at a time as the adhesive dries very quickly. Make a narrow line of glue along the pencil line and center the trim along the line. This will prevent any glue from showing. Fabri-tac does dry clear but if you do drop glue where you do not want it. Let it dry and then just pick off. Finger oils can leave a residue if you remove the unwanted adhesive when still wet.
  • 4.Cut 24” of pom pom trim for top of apron. Beginning at center top glue trim along top and down sides leaving extra for tie. Repeat for opposite side. TIP: Place flat edge of trim along top of felt leaving pom pom edge extending beyond felt.
  • 5.Trim pocket with pom pom trim and glue to front of apron.
  • 6.Cut two 12” lengths of ribbon and glue to top back corners of apron.
  • 7.Cut individual hearts from trim to use as buttons and accents on the apron.

  • 8.The little chair had a cover but it did not go with the color scheme of the house, so I removed the cover and added pom pom trim along the edges of the chair. A small amount of stuffing was centered on chair and a piece of felt glued over top with a ric rac edge. TIP: Use the piece you are covering as a pattern. For example: flip the chair over on a piece of paper and draw the actual size. Add an extra ½” in measurement.
  • 9.A matching pillow was created with a rectangle of fabric folded and glued together. Leave a small opening and stuff lightly. Add a heart applique and trim along the edges. TIP: The trim is ideal for covering raw edges and the fabric glue will prevent it from fraying.

  • Grace shows off her cute Valentine inspired apron in the kitchen baking up tasty treats! My granddaughters love this doll house created from a book case. Walls are painted with polka dots and the floors modge podged with scrapbook papers. Furniture has been collected here and there and it has provided hours and hours of creative play! Decorating it for the holidays is such fun! Check out our latest Pinterest board for Valentine inspiration!

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