Valentine NO Sew DIY Apron & Kitchen Accessories

Feb 6th 2019

Do you love all of the pretty tea towels as much as I do! Especially around the holidays. I was gifted these cute heart and XOXO towels. Some pretty trims, scissors and fabric glue turned them into a cute apron and embellished towel, pot holder trio. Just a yard of each trim plus a couple of fun appliques completed the whole set. This NO Sew project uses Fabri-tac which dries clear, is flexible and washable!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: 1 Hour

You will need:

1 yard White Lorlana Baby Pompom Trim IR8115WH
1 yard Black Fringe Trim IR8164
1 yard Red Alice Braid Trim IR1901RD
1 yard Red Cora Stretch Lace IR8204RD” x 12” craft cut of Kunin Felt Classicfelt: 1 Black
Fabri-tac Adhesive by Beacon
Scissors, pencil, measuring tape, ruler, pins, iron and board.

1. Measure 4 1/2” in from side along top of tea towel. Fold over corner. Repeat for opposite side. Glue along the straight folded edges. 

2. Pin red lace to one side of diagonal of apron. Place around neck and pin lace to opposite side where it feels comfortable. Pin. (The stretchy lace is very soft and also makes it super easy to take apron off and on! 

3.Trim lace where it is pinned. Glue lace to apron as shown in Photo. TIP: Place glue on tea towel and press lace           gently in place with a popsicle stick as the glue will seep slightly through the lace.

4. Cut from ribbon two 24” pieces and glue to either side of apron for ties.

5. Glue black fringe trim along bottom of apron. Flip apron over and glue red lace along bottom edge. Tie small bow from the remaining piece of ribbon and glue to lace.

6. Cut a 3 ½” by 4 ½” pocket shape from the black felt. Glue 5” down from top of apron. Glue applique on to pocket.

7.Glue pom pom trim along back edge of pot holder. Trim off excess. Cut a 2” heart from black felt. Use remaining trim to glue around heart. Glue heart to pot holder and glue applique in place.

8.For the heart towel glue the braid trim along the bottom of the towel in two strips. Tie a small bow from the last piece of ribbon and glue to center of heart.

Now how cute is this for decorating your kitchen for Valentine’s! Adapt the trims for other occasions to match your kitchen décor. It is always time for a party in the kitchen and the trims come in so many yummy colors!

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