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Nutcracker Ballet Centerpiece

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This dazzling Nutcracker Ballet Centerpiece is sure to charm holiday guests, as it’s themed on the classic Christmas tale of Clara, the Wooden Soldier, the Sugarplum Fairy and the Mouse King. With a soft palette of pale pink with silver accents, and stunning trims from Expo International, this Nutcracker Ballet centerpiece is a holiday tradition that will have visions of sugarplums dancing in your head.


Here’s What You’ll Need:

Step 1

Paint the wood disc with the pink paint and allow to dry. You may need to use more than one coat.

Step 2

Attach the candlestick to the bottom of the wood disc using E6000 and allow to dry until it does not easily move. Then you can continue to work.


Step 3

While the items from Step 2 are setting, gather the toe shoes, rhinestone trim and silver tinsel. Glue the silver tinsel using hot glue, all around the perimeter of the opening of each shoe.

Step 4

Once set, adhere the rhinestone trim around the perimeter of each shoe, as well.

Step 5

Attach a large ballerina cake topper to the inside of one of the shoes. Tie a pretty ribbon from the sparkling pink sheer ribbon to conceal the attachment point. Trim the ends for a finished look.

Step 6. One the other shoe, adhere a rhinestone gem or brooch to the center of the vamp of the shoe using hot glue. This adds glamour, sparkle and shine!

Step 7.

Balance the toe shoes vertically on the wood disc, and adhere in place using E6000. They shoes should be simple to stand up, as the toe portion is flat, and the shoes are extremely lightweight.

Step 8

Create a coil from the floral wire that is about 16” long, and glue the sparkly ribbon to it, as shown.

Step 9

Attach the ribbon covered wire to the back of each toe shoe, at the heel, and glue in place securely with hot glue. Once dry, the wire can be stretched and shaped to create airy, elegant structure that makes the shoes appear to be dancing in mid air.

Step 10

Embellish the perimeter of the wood disc with Bonita Pom Pom trim in Pink, using hot glue. This adds such whimsy and charm to the Nutcracker Ballet Centerpiece, don’t you think?

Step 11

Add a layer of silver tinsel garland over the pom pom trim for a beautiful layered look, and added shine.

Step 12

Add small ballerinas, miniature ornaments, and Christmas taffy all around the perimeter of the wood disc in a circular formation.

The completed Nutcracker Ballet Centerpiece is a delight to behold, with small details visible from every perspective. This stunning showpiece is a perfect enhancement for a holiday cookie table, dinner table, or as a focal point of a Christmas village display. It’s also a perfect gift for the young dancer in your life!

Thanks for following along on this fun tutorial with me; may all your visions of sugarplums come true this holiday season!