No Sew Lace Tees for Summer

Posted by Beth Watson on May 22nd 2018

Create a Trio of No Sew Lace Tees for Summer

Lace is all over the runway these days and my niece is very much about fashion, so she was the inspiration behind the design! This trio of no-sew Lace Tees are perfect for Summer and they were quick and easy, going together (all three) in just an hour!

Here’s What You Need:

IR8099 5 ½” Lace Trim – White from Expo International

IR6881 Abigail Victorian Lace Fringe Trim – White from Expo International

IR8101 2 ½’ Lace Trim Natural – White from Expo International

E6000 Fabri-Fuse Fabric Glue

Plain tee shirts (I found mine at Old Navy); Scissors; Cardboard

Here’s How to Make it

First Tee – Accent on Back

Measure and cut a length of 5 ½” Lace Trim (IR8099) a few inches longer than the shirt length. Place a section of cardboard, inside the shirt making sure that it is large enough to prevent any glue from seeping through. Center lace on back of shirt. Fold back top of lace and apply a bead of fabric glue, then replace lace and gently tap into place. Repeat with sides and bottom of lace. Let dry.

NOTE: This was my first time using the E6000 Fabri-Fuse fabric glue and I have to say that it was super easy to work with. No odor with a quick grab and a flexible bond, so the glue stretches with the clothing.

Second Tee – Accent at Bottom

Lay shirt out flat on work surface and fold back.

Third Tee – Accent at Neckline

I hope that you will use my project as a jumping off point to showcase YOUR Expo International creativity!

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Creatively Beth