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Farmhouse Chic Ric-Rac Lamp

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I always have a few sad little lamps hanging around my house, don’t you? This one used to be purple, but a quick coat of flat black spray paint and a new shade trimmed out with ric-rac to match makes a world of difference. From kids room to farmhouse chic, in just a few hours!

Here’s What You Will Need:

1” Polyester Large Ric-Rac Trim – Black

1/8” Rayon Mini Ric-Rac Trim - Black

5/8” Rayon Medium Ric-Rac Trim – Black

Candlestick Style Lamp Base, Round Lampshade, Flat Black Spray Paint, Painters Tape, Scissors, Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks

Here’s How to Make it

Step One:

Mask off the cord and socket with painter’s tape. In a well-ventilated area (or outside) spray paint lamp base flat black. Apply several light coats to get the best coverage.

Step Two:

Starting at the lampshade seam, apply 5/8” Medium Ric-Rac to the circumference with hot glue. Take your time and apply small amounts of hot glue, so the finish product looks neat. Trim end with scissors and seal edges with hot glue, to prevent fraying.

Step Three:

Repeat step two with one row of 1” Large Ric-Rac, two rows of 1/8” Mini Ric-Rac and a final row of 5/8” Medium Ric-Rac.

I hope that you have enjoyed my farmhouse chic ric-rac lamp and you will use it as a jumping off point to showcase your creativity!

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