Bunny Bag with Lace and Tassel Trim

Published by Christie Troxell on Mar 22nd 2018

This sweet bunny rabbit tote is hopping by to say hello and happy spring! The cute canvas tote sports a pair of adorable bunny ears, but that’s not all; our charming and whimsical bag is embellished with trims in spring tones and shapes from Expo International. These trims are the perfect way to add style and a little fancy to all your spring and summer projects.

It’s quite simple to create this look yourself. Can you believe this is a no-sew project? It’s true! We used fabric glue to attach all of these fun spring embellishments.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Step One

Arrange a length of the Nicoleta Embroidered Scalloped Lace Trim on top of the bag so that you have a clearly defined center, with two equal points on either side. Adhere with fabric glue, wait to trim.

Step Two

Measure a length of Ric Rac Tassel Trim in Lime across the top of the bag front, ensuring that one of the tassels is centered on the bag, and the lace trim below. Carefully use scissors to trim out the center tassel, as shown.

Step Three

Glue three Mini Daisy Appliques in Peach to the center of each scallop on the lace trim.

Step Four

Glue the Running Rabbit Sequined Applique to the center of the bag and allow to dry.

Step Five

Trim the ends of the Ric Rac Tassel Trim and the Nicoleta Lace Trim. Glue Metallic Gold Ric Rac along the handle of the bag.

Allow the glue to dry overnight, then your darling Bunny Bag with Lace and Tassel Trim is ready to fill with treats! This adorable springtime bag makes a great small Easter basket alternative or gift wrapping, and is handy as a decorative catchall, or even as housing for a live potted plant.

Have a happy Spring; until next time, celebrate everything!