Bright Summer Tote

Bright Summer Tote

Posted by Expo Trims on Apr 13th 2018

Bright Summer Tote

Hang on to your sunglasses, because this summer tote is fresh, fun, and fantastically easy to whip up in no time at all! Trendy, playful pom poms take center stage on this darling, bright summer tote. This project is no-sew, and requires no special tools, aside from a hot glue gun and scissors. Let’s dive in!

summer tote bag expo international trims pom poms-4.jpg

What You’ll Need:

Lolita Pom Pom Fringe in Neon Fuchsia

Susana Lovely Pom Pom Fringe in Black

6 Loopy Knitted Flower Brooches

Laura Scalloped Crochet Trim

Jane Crochet Trim in Ivory

Dakota Two Tone Gusset Bag

Step One

Trim three equal lengths of Jane Crochet Trim in Ivory to fit the vertical length of the Dakota Two Tone Gusset Bag. Glue in place, with one at each side and one directly down the center.

Step Two

Repeat the same vertical measurement, and add some Lolita Pom Pom Fringe in Neon Fuchsia to the left and right sides of the tote. The bright color of these pom poms adds a fun, modern look to the bag.

Step Three

Measure the same length of Susana Lovely Pom Pom Fringe in Black and adhere to the edge of the bag. Using a fine point glue gun to attach the trims will ensure the long life of this cute summer tote bag.

Step Four

To the center of the bag, add a length of Laura Scalloped Crochet Trimin black to the left side, and then the right, of the center section.

Step Five

Next, add more of that bright, fun Lolita Pom Pom Fringe in Neon Fuchsiato the center seams of the bag, as shown.

Step Six

The final step to creating this fun summer bag is to evenly lay out six Loopy Knitted Flower Brooches in an arrangement that you like, and either pin, clip, or glue them in place. I chose to pin mine, as you can see by taking a peek inside the bag.

The completed tote is fashionable and perfect for summer picnics or beach trips. It’s just the right size for so many activities, making it versatile for carrying towels, flip flops and some snacks, or a laptop and a quick change of clothes, to even a tasty spread of cheese and wine complete with a picnic blanket.