Collage Trim Assortment

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The Collage Trim Collection consists of the following trims: 1/2 yard Gimp (1/2" wide), 3 yards Single Strand Fiber Patch (1/4" wide), 3 yards Fiber Cord (1/8" wide), 3 yards Eyelash Yarn (1/8" wide), 3 yards Double Strand Fiber Patch (1/8" wide), and 1/2 yard Beaded Eyelash Trim (2" wide) for a total collection of 13 yards. The dimension listed in the brief information is an average width.

This assortment of fiber trims is fantastic for scrapbooking, collaging and other fiber arts!

Size: 1/2" x 13yd
Contents: 50% Rayon, 25% Cotton, 20% Polyester, 3% Glass, 2% Acrylic
Care Instructions: Hand Wash, Cold Water, Mild Soap, Air Dry

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