Simple DIY Mother’s Day Cards

Posted by Rina on Apr 24th 2017

Hello Expo International Friends! This is Rina from Mothership Scrapbook Gal. I am so happy to share a couple of ideas for Mother’s Day Card Making. Let’s get started with our supplies list:


Expo International – Daisy Flower Trim – Multi Colors

Expo International – Ric Rac 5/8 Rayon Medium – in Fuschia

Expo International – Ric Rac 5/8 Rayon Medium – in Purple

Expo International – Ric Rac 1/4 Rayon – in Green

Card stock in bright colors (I used Stampin’ Up Card Stock.)

Scrapbook papers

Small white paper doily

“Happy Mother’s Day” or “Best Mom Ever” Stamp sentiment (I used a Stampin’ Up digital stamp.)

Tacky Glue

Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks

Daisy Trim Card:

Step 1: Pick your card stock and select scrapbook papers that will be a background for your card and locate a nice “Mother’s Day” stamp sentiment. You can also hand write your sentiment – your mom will love to see your handmade efforts!

Step 2: Cut the daisy trim so you can have individual daisies for your card.

Step 3: Once you have a good idea for your design, you can use scrapbook adhesive or glue to adhere your scrapbook papers and daisy trim. I used hot glue for the daisy pieces.

Ric Rac Card:

Step 1: Pick out your card stock and add a white paper doily with scrapbook adhesive. Be care to set the doily correctly as they are sometimes thin and may tear easy.

Step 2: Add your stamped sentiment. I used foam dots so that the sentiment is raised from the card.

Step 3: Add your ric rac trims and daisies. I used hot glue for the larger ric rac and daisies. I used tacky glue for the thin 1/4 inch ric rac.

Thank you for stopping by to learn how to use Expo International trims for your Mother’s Day Card Marking. For more inspiration and updates on events in my community, please follow me: