Bunny Hoop

Mar 7th 2019

Spring and Bunnies, don’t you just love everything about Spring?! Wood hoops are a trend we continue to love too! Combine spring colors, trims and a Peep inspired felt bunny to make a Welcome Hoop for your front door or mantel.

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: 2 Hours

You will need:

2 yards each of White, Pink Lorlana Baby Pom pom Trim 
2 yards each of Pink, Ric Rac IR6857 https://www.expointl.com/1-2-rayon-medium-ric-rac-trim/
9” x 12” craft cuts of Kunin Felt Polka Dot Co-ordinates: 1 Lagoon, 1 Pink, 1 Candy Pink
12” x 18” craft cut of Kunin Premiumfelt: 1 White https://www.kuninfelt.com/felt-collections/kunin-classics/18” square Fabric
Fabri-tac Adhesive by Beacon https://www.beaconadhesives.com/product/fabri-tac/ (dries clear, is flexible and washable)
2 yards of co-ordinating Ribbon
Lace and trim scraps
12” Hoop
Small amount of Easter grass
Scissors, pencil, paper, measuring tape, ruler, pins or clips.

  • 1.Trace a Peep’s pattern onto felt. (Find a Peep’s pattern on Pinterest.) Cut out rounding head slightly cutting off ears. Use glue to adhere white pom pom trim to one side of felt. Pull slightly to go around curves.

  • 2.Cut two 9”” lengths of pom pom trim from pink and two 18” white for ears. Cut one 12” length of both pink and white for tail.

  • 3.Glue the piece of white trim to the corresponding pink trim for tail. Fold the pink pom pom ear pieces in half and glue. Fold the white ear pom pom pieces in half and glue halves together.
  • 4.Begin rolling the tail length into a circle. Add glue along the length as needed.
  • 5.Fold pink ear pieces in half. Add white a white piece around each pink center

  • 6.Place fabric in hoop. I used the hoop in reverse to create more dimension. Trim fabric close to hoop.

  • 7.Begin braiding ric rac trim together. (It is designed to weave together easily.) Glue around wood edge beginning at top of hoop.
  • 8.Cut egg shapes from polka dot felt and decorate with scraps pf lace and ric rac.
  • 9.Glue bunny into hoop. Glue tail, ears and eggs in place.
  • 10.Tie a bow for neck of bunny. Tie another loop to hang hoop from top.
  • 11.Add grass in around the eggs. Hang and enjoy!

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