Beacon Liquid Thread Adhesive 2 oz. - Clear

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The Sewing Machine in a Bottle! Liquid Thread permanently bonds most fabrics iwthout any sewing. Washable & dry cleanable, and non-toxic. Offers superior strength.

Liquid Thread is great for attaching appliques, repairing hems & seams, and creating no-sew wearable and quilts.

Made in USA.


Perfect for adding a glittery touch of FOIL TO FABRICS with an ordinary iron. Now you can create unique quilts, clothing, and gifts with Liquid Thread and foil.

Consult the blister card for further instructions.

Not recommended for thin, sheer, or delicate fabrics or any fabric that cannot withstand heat.

LIQUID THREAD can be washed away anytime before ironing. Allow glue to dry before placing fabric together to avoid smearing.

ALWAYS test first on scrap fabric.

Iron at a cotton setting for 45-60 seconds. Remember, iron temperatures can vary as much as 100 degrees. Glue must turn from white to clear. Apply a thin line of glue to fabric; too much glue will result in stiffening.

ALWAYS use a press cloth to prevent scorching.

If glue did not bond after ironing, iron was not hot enough, heat was not applied evenly or long enough, or too much heat was applied for too long a period.

Size: 2 oz.

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