BaZooples Iron-on Patch Applique Elsie Elephant

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Elsie Elephant is a delightful iron-on embroidered applique character from the world of BaZooples.

Elsie is fully embroidered with unbelievable detailing. The fur of her coat is actually laying exactly like a real elephant and it just adds to her happy personality.

BaZooples iron-on embroidered appliques are perfect for juvenile clothing, home decor and gifts, just iron, glue, or stitch the appliques in place and let them bring happiness into your world.

Created by Vicki Schreiner, "Elsie loves to splash in puddles and hide for peek-a-boo. She's shy and gives big snuggly hugs, she's brave and smart like you."

BaZooples Iron-on Embroidered Applique- Elsie Elephant

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