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Trims & Fringes

WOW…in this category you will find everything from beaded trims to pearl trims, lace trims, flower trims, sequin trims, chainette trims, feather trims, fur trims, rhinestone trims and natural fiber trims. We specialize in trims, from the basic everyday trims to very eclectic fun trims. One of the strongest groups of trims from Expo International is the home décor trim line. There are fantastic trims for every use and occasion!

     Bullion Fringe

     Pre-packaged Trims

     Ric Rac

     Ball/Pom Trims & Fringes

     Battenburg & Crochet Trims

     Beaded Trims & Fringes

     Braid & Gimp Trims

     Brush & Loop Fringe

     Chainette Fringe

     Cords & Lip Cords

     Denim, Metal, Shell Trims & Fringes

     Eyelash, Hairy Gimp, Fiber Trims & Fringes

     Faux Leather Trims & Fringes

     Feather & Fur Trims

     Flower Trims

     Hemp, Natural Trims & Fringes

     Holiday Trims

     Rhinestone Trims & Chains

     Ribbon, Lace, Pearl Trims & Fringes

     Sequin Trims & Fringes

     Tassel Trims & Fringes