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Mermaid Crown

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Just beneath the sparkling surface of the ocean, mermaids frolic and bubble the day away. Create your own special tribute to mermaid magnificence with this fun tutorial I crafted up using embellishments from Expo International Trims! It’s remarkably simple to create a glittering, seashell encrusted oceanic accessory all your own; no fins required!

What You’ll Need:

Iron On Rhinestone Motif

12mm Rhinestone Beads, Purple Aurora Borealis

12mm Rhinestone Beads, Aqua Aurora Borealis

Tinted Oval Shells, Blue

Bridal Pearl Loop Spray, White

Other Materials:

Plastic Princess Crown, (this one was found at Target)

Kunin EcoFelt White Felt Scraps

Assorted Silk Flowers in beach colors (this design uses lilac and purple tones)

Mixed seashells, small to medium sized blend (available at craft stores)

Hot Glue and Glue Sticks


Step 1: Using scissors, trim felt to approximate size of crown and glue in place using hot glue.

Step 2: Fold sections of felt down to ensure that the back of the crown is also covered. This step ensures that you have a strong background that will securely hold the embellishments. I prefer Kunin Felt EcoFelt for its sturdy structure; it’s perfect for creating mermaid crowns.

Step 3: Remove the Iron On Rhinestone Motif from its cardboard backing, being sure to completely remove any paper that sticks to the reverse side of the embellishment. Apply the rhinestone motif to the top center of the crown using hot glue, as shown.

Step 4: Select two flat shells that are roughly the same size and shape, and glue them symmetrically to the left and right sides of the crown. Repeat this process with two silk flower heads, as shown in next steps.

Step 5: Trim about seven of the Oval Shellsfrom their elastic packaging band. The lustre of these shells is remarkable; they resemble shimmering abalone shells from the sea! Working from the outside in, arrange the shells vertically along the forehead portion of the crown so that they are symmetrically aligned across the front.

Step 6: Add silk flowers between the shells to fill in any gaps, then attach Purple Aurora Borealis and Aqua Aurora Borealis rhinestone beads in a design that’s pleasing to your eye.

Step 7: Using scissors, trim five sections of Bridal Pearl Loop Spray, White and adhere to the top of the crown as shown. Conceal the connection points with additional rhinestone beads and small shells.

Once the glue has set, your glistening mermaid crown is ready to wear. This unique, sparkling creation makes the perfect accessory for a beach day, an “Under the Sea” themed party, or a music festival. Be prepared for head turns and requests to pose for photos with random strangers. This is a show stopping wearable art piece!