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Lace Embellished Work Shirt

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Lace Embellished Work Shirt

A well-made, comfortable work shirt is a staple in any artist’s or crafter’s wardrobe. Flannel, denim, chambray and cotton, are all favorite choices for throwing on when it’s time to paint, sew or dig into a fresh bunch of flowers. A work shirt doesn’t have to be plain or boring; with a few trims from Expo International, watch how this plaid button down goes from drab to fab, in no time at all!

What You’ll Need:


Step One

Gather scissors, scalloped lace trim and fabric glue, and flip the cuff of one sleeve inside out.

Step Two

Trim the lace to fit the length of the cuff, as shown. Use fabric scissors to ensure a nice, clean cut.

Step Three

Attach the trim to the inside of the cuff using fabric glue, as shown.

Step Four

Repeat this process on the outside of the shirt pocket, (if it has one!)


Step Five

Using fabric scissors, trim off the bottom front section of the work shirt, below the second to last button. Do not trim into the side seam.

Step Six

Using fabric glue, attach the Larissa Laurel Leaf Scalloped Trim to the inside of the shirt, so that it hangs down, as shown.

This shirt can be worn as is, or further customized to your liking. I like to trim off the back hem so that the ends become a little frayed. I’ve also seen shirts like this dipped halfway in a bleach solution for a very distressed look. You can add patches or fabric paint to make this look completely unique. Of course, it IS a work shirt, so in time, it will gather its share of paint, glitter and other crafty “stamps of authenticity!”