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Batty For Halloween

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Halloween is one of my very favorite times of year, and it just wouldn’t feel like fall if I wasn’t crafting up a cute décor piece for the occasion! This cute little Halloween bat is made from thick felt and fluffy marabou trim, then adhered to a hand lettered sign, embellished with rows and rows of eye catching trims from Expo International.

What You’ll Need:

1 yard Lorlana Baby Pom Pom Fringe, Lavender

1 yard Large Ric Rac Trim, Fuchsia

1 foot Marabou Feather Boa Trim, Black

Burlap Canvas, or other background surface, (approximately 10” x 8”)

Hot Glue and Glue Sticks


Black Sharpie Marker

Felt Bat other other Halloween Embellishment, (approximately 6” x 4”)


Step 1. Position the bat or other decorative embellishment onto the lower left corner of the sign. Use the marker to lightly sketch out your Halloween phrase.

Step 2. Darken your hand lettering with the sharpie by tracing over it several times, thickening the lines as you go until it is easy to read from a distance.

Step 3. Apply Large Ric Rac Trim to the borders of the sign, trimming at the corners.

Step 4. Your sign should appear as shown in the image. Allow to set for about a minute.

Step 5. Apply Bonita Pom Pom Fringe Trim to the upper right and lower right corners in a swag, as shown. Adhere with hot glue, taking care not to obstruct the lettering on the sign.

Step 6. Apply Franky Pea Pod Fringe Trim in Yellow to the entire outer perimeter of the sign, adhering with hot glue. On the inside perimeter, repeat this step with Lorlana Baby Pom Pom Fringe in Lavender.

Step 7. If you are creating a felt bat for your project, trim with Marabou Feather Boa Trim in Black, as shown. This trim is also fantastic for creating other Halloween creatures such as spiders and monsters. I like to use the excess feathers for adding detail to the ears and eyes of my bat!

Step 8. Add detail to the eyes of the bat using sharpie and a white paint pen. In this image you can also see more closely how the feather trim appears as detail on the eyes.

Step 9. Adhere the bat or other Halloween embellishment to the lower left side of the frame, pressing to ensure a secure connection. The last thing anyone wants is a floppy bat for Halloween!

The completed project is adorable on a tabletop, or, add a pretty patterned ribbon to make it into hanging wall décor or front porch décor.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this frighteningly fun tutorial; Happy Halloween!